ColdfireUO 2011
ColdfireUO is a shard based slightly based off Santiago. This is a very challanging uo shard; it is full of rare and great features which include:

Server Features:

  • Pre Packaged Game Client
  • Client 2.0.3 can be used
  • CFUO Manager
  • Vet Points
  • Invite Points
  • Power Hour
  • IRC Channel
  • Guild Forums
  • Nationality Forums (Spanish, German etc.)
  • Craft Tables
  • Server Based In Canada
  • Great Server Hardware and Connection
    • o HP Smart buy Rack DL160 G5,
    • o Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor E5405 (2.00 GHz, 1333MHz FSB, 80W)
    • o 16GB PC2-5300 DDR2 fully buffered DIMMs (667MHz)
    • o 4x160GB SATA HDD Currently Configured on Raid 1+0
    • o HP Embedded SATA RAID Controller
    • o 100mbit/s Internet Connection
  • Dedicated Staff

  • Game Play Features:

    • Fast Paced Sphere PvP, similar to Santiago / Mythik
    • Difficult, Group based PVM (Hunting)
    • New Monsters
    • New Spells overwriting those unused in sphere PvP, such as Arch Cure / Protection
    • Craftables
    • Uniques
    • Custom Tournaments
    • New Animals / Mounts
    • Balanced Skill Gain
    • Large growing player base
    • New Custom Housing
    • Player Representatives
    • Internationally recognized, ColdfireUO currently has players from around the world spanning from Spain, Germany, England, Canada, US and Aus.
    • CFUO has many more features. Start playing with us today!

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