ColdfireUO 2011
Account Hacking

There is an advanced account protection script set in place, to make it virtually impossible. The only way that an account can get hacked is, if you give your password, and three security questions away(or by luck one of them). It is YOUR responsiblity as a user to choose questions that no one else can guess. ColdFireUO will NEVER give out any passwords, or answers to your security questions.

That being said, if someone reports there account as hacked there will be an investigation, and there may be punishment for those who are linked with this event.

Your account is property of ColdFireUO, any information sent to this server can be used to benefit. With that being say, I will never release the information to any 3rd party companies such as advertising companies. Any items are also owned by ColdFireUO, thus selling them for in real money without contacting an administrator first IS illegal, in which case if you are scammed you will not receive any of your items back.

Only one account is allowed per user and/o IP, accesing other users accounts is illegal, in case you do it you must ask an Administrator first, and you can not exchange any items contained in that account.

If you do it without the permission of an administrator, the account accessed and/or your own account may be removed or blocked without previous warning.
Advertising / Spamming

There will be no tolerance for advertising other ultima online servers on anything related to ColdFireUO. With that being said, It is expected of our users to show the same respect to other servers and not use their services to advertise our server.

If you'd like to invite someone to the server, you can either do it by email or help them out and add them to the invitation script, you may also use other methods that do not use other ultima online servers services' an example of a good source of invitation are: MSN, AIM, ICQ, Email.

Blocking stones placed by staff is not allowed, and is a jailable offence.
Setting traps for the locations of which a player enters when using the travel agent is also illegal, you may recieve jail sentences, or in extreme cases, you may lose the right to use the travel stone for a certain time period.
Code of Conduct

All members of this community are expected to be the upmost mature as possible. Though we do know that sometimes players lose their cool playing this game, this is not an excuse and this player will leave themselves at the mercy of a staff member. That being said, we will not allow ANY harrassment of any kind, each member is responsible for making everyone's time here as enjoyable as possible. If a player expresses extreme negitive behavior they will be punished.

We all need to work together to make this server great!

Any member whom makes an account here will automatically agree to all of these above rules, negligence is NOT an excuse.

By donating to the shard you agree that the donations will go to the shard, and are non refundable in any way

Lying to staff members in any sense will not be tolerated, if you are caught you will be punished by either being jailed, or banned.
House Looting / House Killing

Both legal unless bugs or exploits are used to gain an advantage over another player.
Exploits include using kick out to trap and/or kill players under the house sign.
House Placement

Houses must be placed 50 tiles from any Towns, Dungeons, Mines, Crafting Stations or Guarded or Invulnerable areas. Also no houses shall be placed in the area between britian bridge and britian passage or blocking any areas(which includes any land of mass greater than 100 tiles, blocking spawns, and any other areas in which players need to travel through). Any houses found within these grounds will be susceptible for nuking in most cases, you will be given 72 hours notice, in the form of a sign at the house, please measure. Houses must also be placed at all times at least 2 tiles away from each other, and from roads and paths.
Any houses that are nuked for illegal placement or if they are decay due to inactivity and are not visited and refreshed within 28 days will not be replaced, neither will the items that were inside them.
Item/npc replacement

Use .getuid on your rare and expensive items and make a list in case you lose them to a bug. Admins will be unlikely to be able to replace items without a UID.

You are also not allowed to gate or lure spawned creates away from it's spawn or to trap spawned creatures in your house. If you are caught the punishment may be up to removal of the house or even the taming addons if you are abuse this for safety of taming in a house.

By logging onto ColdFireUO with a staff account, staff are bound to these rules:

-Staff must adhere to the player rules and make sure the playerbase does also.

-Staff will not be biased. Staff will look at any argument or problem objectively and decide what is, in fact, right. This may include jailing friends.

-Staff will not replace items unless given permission by an Admin. The exception to this is they can replace items if they had through some action accidentally removed the items or, in some cases, killed the player's NPC (Mounts, pets, etc).

-Staff must ask permission from an Administrator for having/logging on to a player account.

-Staff will not recolor or modify anything that may be seen by the public without an admin's permission. Unless they are nuking loose items or fixing something.

-Staff will not make any major decisions, especially ones that will affect the entire playerbase, without first consulting an Admin about it.

-If a staff member a problem with another staff member or with something they have done they will in no way undermine what they have done or slander them publicly. Staff disputes are to remain between staff members.

-Staff will not give out their account specifics (name/pass) to anyone else, or any other player's account specifics.

-Staff will follow prize guidelines and any other guidelines set by administration.

-The most important rule of all... Staff is to use common sense. If it doesn't seem right, don't do it.

If a staff member breaks any of these guidelines they may or may not receive a second chance. If they do receive a second chance, they will be demoted temporarily. If they have truly proven themselves changed, they will be promoted again. If they do anything of any sort that is judged to be completely and utterly unacceptable they will have both their staff and player account banned indefinitely and will never be allowed back on the shard. They will also be banned from the entirety of the ColdFireUO Network. We will not support cheating of any kind.

Players who report staff misconduct will be rewarded.
Third Party Programs

The following programs are allowed: EasyUO, Injection, Razor, UOAssist All other programs including MultiUO is not allowed. That being said, You are still NOT able to use the programs for exploits, This includes auto-loot.

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